Facebook groups – worst design ever?

If there was like a Nobel price for the worst design and I could nominate somebody, I’d nominate Marc Zuckerberg. I was just checking my email when all in the sudden Facebook sent me this message:

Hi Paul, Aj Mullens has added you to the group Mission : Roleplaying

blablabla, thanks, facebook team.

Now hold your horses there. Some guy added me? Like, just like that? Like, no invitation? Like, no ‘hello Paul, this guy would like you to join, do you accept?’. No, just ‘you’ve been added to this group’. Well shit on the motherfucker, I didn’t want to be part of that group!

So I went to that page and oh my god. People were chatting like crazy! And this was not adult talk here, these were all 12 year olds, pumped up with sugars and ‘roids to be complete lunatics that watch animes whole day. They all talk like they have ADHD and once I said: Why the fuck am I in this group they all started picking on me, little bastards.

Another guy invited me to be his friend (I accepted the fool, he walks around with Sonic dude as his display picture. Let me tell you, all of these kids walk around like that. They are probably fat, don’t go excercising and watch TV all the time).

So I finally managed to leave, but damn, it’s like a class full of 8 year olds with too much energy that just ate a bag of candy each. I’m telling you, if you ever get those emails, instantly leave those groups, because they are going to try to gang rape you and you don’t want that. I am warning you, giving you an option to stay alive, don’t laid it to waste.



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