You don’t mess with Gazelle!

Dear reader,

Ok, that’s a stupid intro, I know, but who gives a shit? Anyways, I believe I have found what is a corrupt deal between bicycle producer Gazelle and the cops. Yesterday, after working out in the gym I was on my way home. It was dark so I turned on my lights. Nothing was really going until this happened: I decided to cycle a little faster and that started some serious shit! Once I did that, my light faded until it no longer shined. I am not fucking kidding, what were they thinking? Are they trying to send a message like: “When it’s dark outside you don’t see a lot so you should not cycle very fast.” Well 3 words: Bull Fucking SHIT! There are lights all across the bicycle path, so I see enough, especially with my light on. But if you go too fast, it doesn’t work! Gazelle obviously has a deal with the police, since they give fines to people who’s lights are not working or malfunctioning. So in other words: If it’s late and you’re in a hurry, you’re not going anywhere. Unless you don’t mind paying fines to the guys who get their sallery from your tax that is! It makes no sense and it pisses me off.

My name is Paul and I approve this message.


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I am Paul
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