This post is about school. After studying hard and hard I finally came up with a good idea for an animation. To make any kind of sense I’ll explain what’s up. For school I have to make an animation using Flash Builder 4. I have to come up with a “character” that moves. So I decided to create the starship Enterprise from the Star Trek franchise. After finally understanding how to draw, I decided to be creative and experiment a bit. Know that there is nothing like a “timeline” in FB (Flash Builder). There is also no place where you can draw something. No, it’s all blank script, text, code. So after 752(!) lines of code, this is what my Enterprise looks like:

The Starship Enterprise


Yep, that full of detail ship is made by typing text, and NOT by drawing things. So I’m not going to be humble and just say it: “I am proud of myself! Look at ship! It’s the fucking shit!” And guess what? I am not even done yet! I still want to add sound effects and make it interactive by letting keys affect the speed of the ship! Isn’t that awesome? Yes it is! That would be all.



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