The new bullfuck (Part 11)

For those of you who’ve read my older blog, know that I had this ranting series named: “You know what’s bullfuck?” I’d like to continue such a series, and therefore I present to you: You know what’s bullfuck? part 11!

You know what’s bullfuck? Having to stand outside freezing your ass off while waiting for the train to arrive. This sucks ass, since the train never really has the politeness to come on time! And this IS a big issue, since that endangeres my status of always being on time. I am dependent of the train. If it doesn’t come: you’re fucked, you’re not going anywhere. And then there are always stupid apologies of the train pilot such as: “Our sincere apologies for the delay, we will be leaving any time soon.” Well that’s no fucking apology, get that train moving, man! And when it finally arrives, you’re frozen to death, but you cannot rest just yet. No, you will have to stand in the train because it’s rush hour! There is so little space for you to stand, and there would be more if people would stand up from the chairs so there is slightly more space, but no. They’re assholes, and they will deliberately put on a teasing look at you that says: “You want to sit? Oh you want to sit don’t you? You want to, yes you do. Well fuck you, asshole!.” I guess you don’t mess with the sitting, space stealing passenger. And you know what? That’s bullfuck!



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One Response to The new bullfuck (Part 11)

  1. Andu says:

    it certainly looks like someone had WAYYYY too much time on his hands… the backround needs a little adjustment, but all in all nice improvement over old version, and nice post!

    I give it a 8 of 9

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