FC Suarez

Hello, this is the first post on my new blog. How do you like it? You don’t know, because you haven’t even read it yet, haha. Sorry, I lost concentration there for a second. The Eredivisie, my favorite soccer competition. It’s full of exciting and colourful football. This competition mainly used to be ruled by 2 clubs: Ajax and Feyenoord. However, bit by bit another team managed to stand up against them: PSV. I can talk for hours about PSV, as it is my favorite football team, but that’s not what this post is about. So Ajax and Feyenoord ruled the Dutch soccer fields, but is that still the case? Nope, PSV rules them! Recently they have beaten the disgraceful team of Feyenoord with 10-0, that says it all. And last weekend Ajax was lucky as fuck to get a draw out of their match with PSV = 0-0. And that Ajax is what I want to talk about. Ajax is not the name the club is worthy of anymore, FC Suarez would be more appropriate. The entire team counts on Luis Suarez, and if he has a bad day, they’re fucked. That is still no reason for him to play Dracula against PSV. That’s right, fucking Dracula. Because he actually bit (!) Otman Bakkal of PSV. That is re-fucking-diculous. Then again that is exactly what Ajax is in my opinion. What happened to their great team play? Their succeses? That’s right, it’s gone, PSV took it all. Now I’m probably going to get a lot of pissed replies but I give shitless about that, I don’t hate Ajax, I feel sorry for them. All I can basicly do is give them a facepalm. Hit it, Picard:





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3 Responses to FC Suarez

  1. Flevoman says:

    Hi Paul, love you blog, it sure is good for a lot of laughs! I’ll looking forward to read your next posts!

  2. Flevoman says:

    Hi Paul, you should check this site: http://hapman.nl/
    Really funny….

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