Week 5 – Modern en erna

Deze week gingen wij ons verdiepen in de tijd van de moderniteit en de postmoderniteit. Allereerst modernisme: het geloof in een ideologie, we moeten vooruit, verleden mag best stuk. Ja, we weten het nu wel. Vorig jaar natuurlijk ook gehad. Mooi voorbeeld is natuurlijk de stad Brasilia. Maar dan, postmodernisme! De waarheid bestaat niet meer! Er is geen maakbare samenleving, het is zoals het is, deal with it. We worden weer een beetje nostalgisch en gaan leven in het nu. Het wordt al met al behoorlijk kapitalistisch. In de werkgroep moesten wij hier een eigen mening over maken. Die had ik dus al paraat staan: bij het modernisme gaan we er met z’n allen voor om de samenleving te maken, te veranderen. De wereld is beheersbaar, dus laten we daar iets mee doen. Zodoende de tweede wereld oorlog. Dat was niet zo leuk, dus dan maar postmodernisme. De samenleving is in dat geval helemaal niet maakbaar en we leven in het nu. Niks verleden, niks toekomst. Tja, wie zijn we dan? Dat weten we niet, want de zoektocht naar de waarheid verdwijnt. Dus gaan we nostalgisch worden. Op naar de volgende week, dan kunnen we lekker piratenopdrachtje kijken.

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Facebook groups – worst design ever?

If there was like a Nobel price for the worst design and I could nominate somebody, I’d nominate Marc Zuckerberg. I was just checking my email when all in the sudden Facebook sent me this message:

Hi Paul, Aj Mullens has added you to the group Mission : Roleplaying

blablabla, thanks, facebook team.

Now hold your horses there. Some guy added me? Like, just like that? Like, no invitation? Like, no ‘hello Paul, this guy would like you to join, do you accept?’. No, just ‘you’ve been added to this group’. Well shit on the motherfucker, I didn’t want to be part of that group!

So I went to that page and oh my god. People were chatting like crazy! And this was not adult talk here, these were all 12 year olds, pumped up with sugars and ‘roids to be complete lunatics that watch animes whole day. They all talk like they have ADHD and once I said: Why the fuck am I in this group they all started picking on me, little bastards.

Another guy invited me to be his friend (I accepted the fool, he walks around with Sonic dude as his display picture. Let me tell you, all of these kids walk around like that. They are probably fat, don’t go excercising and watch TV all the time).

So I finally managed to leave, but damn, it’s like a class full of 8 year olds with too much energy that just ate a bag of candy each. I’m telling you, if you ever get those emails, instantly leave those groups, because they are going to try to gang rape you and you don’t want that. I am warning you, giving you an option to stay alive, don’t laid it to waste.


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You don’t mess with Gazelle!

Dear reader,

Ok, that’s a stupid intro, I know, but who gives a shit? Anyways, I believe I have found what is a corrupt deal between bicycle producer Gazelle and the cops. Yesterday, after working out in the gym I was on my way home. It was dark so I turned on my lights. Nothing was really going until this happened: I decided to cycle a little faster and that started some serious shit! Once I did that, my light faded until it no longer shined. I am not fucking kidding, what were they thinking? Are they trying to send a message like: “When it’s dark outside you don’t see a lot so you should not cycle very fast.” Well 3 words: Bull Fucking SHIT! There are lights all across the bicycle path, so I see enough, especially with my light on. But if you go too fast, it doesn’t work! Gazelle obviously has a deal with the police, since they give fines to people who’s lights are not working or malfunctioning. So in other words: If it’s late and you’re in a hurry, you’re not going anywhere. Unless you don’t mind paying fines to the guys who get their sallery from your tax that is! It makes no sense and it pisses me off.

My name is Paul and I approve this message.

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This post is about school. After studying hard and hard I finally came up with a good idea for an animation. To make any kind of sense I’ll explain what’s up. For school I have to make an animation using Flash Builder 4. I have to come up with a “character” that moves. So I decided to create the starship Enterprise from the Star Trek franchise. After finally understanding how to draw, I decided to be creative and experiment a bit. Know that there is nothing like a “timeline” in FB (Flash Builder). There is also no place where you can draw something. No, it’s all blank script, text, code. So after 752(!) lines of code, this is what my Enterprise looks like:

The Starship Enterprise


Yep, that full of detail ship is made by typing text, and NOT by drawing things. So I’m not going to be humble and just say it: “I am proud of myself! Look at ship! It’s the fucking shit!” And guess what? I am not even done yet! I still want to add sound effects and make it interactive by letting keys affect the speed of the ship! Isn’t that awesome? Yes it is! That would be all.


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Paul’s Pacman


About 3 or 4 years ago, I made a little game. It’s basicly pacman, but I’m proud of  it. Which is why I want you to try it out! I have never been able to finish this game, because it’s so hard. Do you think you have it in you to beat it?

You can download it here: http://www.filefront.com/17554376/Pacman.exe/

What you need is:

6.74MB of free space



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Public announcement


I have heard disturbing news of people who can’t display my page correctly. I heard my background looks like it’s gangraped. Now of course I do not want that. This is what it’s supposed to look like:

If it does NOT look like that, try this:

Make sure you use the latest Internet Explorer. If that doesn’t help, run through these steps:

1. Make sure you use Mozilla Firefox as your browser (http://www.mozilla.org/)

2. Download and install the Web Developer Toolbar for Firefox: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/60/

3. Under resize at the toolbar, rezise the window to this: height: 533 width: 1366

4. If it still doesn’t show itself properly, try watching it in a window, not fullscreen.

5. If it still doesn’t work, you’re fucked.


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The new bullfuck (Part 11)

For those of you who’ve read my older blog, know that I had this ranting series named: “You know what’s bullfuck?” I’d like to continue such a series, and therefore I present to you: You know what’s bullfuck? part 11!

You know what’s bullfuck? Having to stand outside freezing your ass off while waiting for the train to arrive. This sucks ass, since the train never really has the politeness to come on time! And this IS a big issue, since that endangeres my status of always being on time. I am dependent of the train. If it doesn’t come: you’re fucked, you’re not going anywhere. And then there are always stupid apologies of the train pilot such as: “Our sincere apologies for the delay, we will be leaving any time soon.” Well that’s no fucking apology, get that train moving, man! And when it finally arrives, you’re frozen to death, but you cannot rest just yet. No, you will have to stand in the train because it’s rush hour! There is so little space for you to stand, and there would be more if people would stand up from the chairs so there is slightly more space, but no. They’re assholes, and they will deliberately put on a teasing look at you that says: “You want to sit? Oh you want to sit don’t you? You want to, yes you do. Well fuck you, asshole!.” I guess you don’t mess with the sitting, space stealing passenger. And you know what? That’s bullfuck!


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